Internet Club Manager 7.15 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Available files:

Internet Club Manager 7.15 Free Download screenshot

Software features:

• Up to 20 client computers are supported

• All computers are controlled from the main computer that is a workstation of the manager of a club

• Indication of presence of link with client computers of the network

• When the paid time for work is out, on the screen of the client there is a window which is impossible to close

• Payment for games and Internet using different prices

• Autochange of prices of the program at given time

• Additional payment, as before the end of paid time, and after is possible

• Possibility to fine a computer for given number of minutes

• Payment using the timer when client pays at the end of his work

• Convenient calculator for calculations like: There is $20, how many hours I shall play?

• Program remembers and uses the price for 1 hour of games and 1 hour of the Internet

• Rounding off the sum of payment

• Change seat to the free computer, swap seats, transfer remaining time

• You can easily see, what computer is free, what occupied, how many minutes of work are left, how many has passed and when the computer will be free

• Program operates correctly after computer restart or shutdown (in case of failure or power off)

• Time of payment is entered in minutes or sum

• Program can remind the client how many remained minutes he has to the end of work (how many has passed)

• Password protected reports of the program with different levels of access

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Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download html 0.00B 7.15 N/A Windows Download
Internet Club Manager 7.15 Free Download screenshot